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Cheryl Z. Tibbals

Challenges of the CCSS Literacy Standards
CCSS Shifts
The Common Core brings with it significant shifts in how students learn,
teachers teach, and leaders lead. From the Core arise new challenges that
can be both exciting and daunting.

Rigorous New Assessments
Only several years into implementation, schools are now facing demanding
annual assessments for which many may not feel ready. While most district
and school staffs realized from the start that the CCSS were more rigorous
than past state standards, items and tasks on the new state assessments bring
focus to this.

Shifting to Common Core Literacy: Reconceptualizing How We Teach and Learn
Content and Intent of the CCSS
Shifting to Common Core Literacy:  Reconceptualizing How We Teach and
Lead helps teachers, school and district leaders and professional learning
providers develop a deeper understanding of the content and intent of the 
CCSS English Language Arts and Literacy Standards and how these standards
should shape schooling in the 21st century.
Shared Visions and New Roles
Shifting to Common Core Literacy:  Reconceptualizing How We Teach and
Lead provides background on how we arrived at the Common Core; what
influenced the development of the CCSS; a brief but deep dive into the
CCSS and its seismic shifts; a protocol and tools for creating CCSS-true
schools built on staff shared visions of what a CCSS learning ought to look
like; and a protocol and tools for reconceptualizing the roles of students,
teachers, district and school leaders and support staff. 
Continuous School Improvement
The staff’s shared vision and reconceptualization of roles provides the platform upon which to build an effective CCSS continuous school improvement effort, as well as providing
criteria for re-examining existing CSI efforts.